The Secret Art Sales have raised over £27,000 for the Cancer Centre Campaign.

We raised  £390 for the Covid-19 NHS

Staff WellBeing Appeal during Lockdown.

The remaining artworks from 2018/19/20 are

now in a Bargain SALE !

The Secret Art Sale in the last two years has raised over £20,000 for the Colchester Collingwood Cancer Centre, which  opened to patients in December this year. The new cancer centre will help everyone who experiences cancer to get a first-class service.

Colchester & Ipswich Hospitals Charity has raised £3.25million since 2014 with the aim of providing a state-of-the-art cancer centre in north Essex, bringing together chemotherapy, haematology and radiotherapy under one roof. As well as this centre the Charity is building Cancer Wellbeing Centre to provide a hospital related service for cancer patients, but in quieter and more relaxed surroundings.

The aim of the Cancer Wellbeing Centre is to provide vital support in a less clinical, more welcoming, relaxing and calm environment for people diagnosed with cancer, their families and carers.

It will be used as a drop-in service for cancer patients at any stage of their journey from diagnosis, throughout their treatment and into survivorship, for as long as the patient needs support.

Other services being offered at the cancer well-being centre will include specialist information advice and resources including the Macmillan Information Centre, welfare benefits advice and counselling services.

There will also be complementary therapies, physical activity services, hair and skincare advice, practical support and dietary advice and it will also be a venue for self-help and support groups.



Thanks to all those who took part in this year’s Secret Art Sale.

I hope that you will join in NEXT year’s Exhibition and Sale!

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