Create an original piece of work that no bigger than 7.5x5.5 inches or 19 x 14 cm. It can be a painting in watercolour
or acrylic, a lino print, an etching, a sketch, a drawing, screen-print, collage, cartoon, textile, hand-print, cyanograph, embroidery… as long as it can be mounted in a (9x7″ or 22.7x17.7cm) card frame with an aperture of 6.5x4.75″ or 17x12cm then it can go into the exhibition! (All the mounts are provided – you just have to create the art work!)

As last year please sign only on the reverse – we want it to be a secret, and print your name and add any other details your would like to share with the lucky buyer of your work – email, website, Facebook page, etc

This year to save costs, and as so many used their own paper anyway, I am asking if artists can supply their own piece of paper/board but please don’t make it too heavy or it makes it difficult to mount. Then send it back to the Secret Art Sale at 5 Lexden Grove, Colchester CO3 4BP or drop it into the Charity office at Colchester General Hospital (Villa 2). Please try and get them back to me by 18 March – or sooner.

If you would like me to supply a piece of paper the right size then please email with your name and address and I will put something in the post to you.