This year we have a ‘theme’ – 20x20! (get it?!)

Create an original piece of work that is 20x20cm  (or 8x8 inches). It can be a painting in watercolour or acrylic, a lino print, an etching, a sketch, a drawing, screen-print, collage, cartoon, textile, hand-print, cyanograph… as long as it can be mounted in a card frame then it can go into the exhibition!

All the mounts are provided – you just have to create the art work!

As last year please sign only on the reverse – we want it to be a secret, and download and print the label and stick it on the reverse with details you would like to share with the lucky buyer of your work – email, website.

If you would like me to supply paper the right size and a label for the back then please email with your name and address and I will put a couple of pieces of paper & labels in the post to you.

But as so many artists use their own paper anyway, if you want to supply your own paper that’s great, but please don’t make it too heavy or it makes it difficult to mount. Then send it back to the Secret Art Sale at 5 Lexden Grove, Colchester CO3 4BP or drop it into the Charity office at Colchester General Hospital (Villa 2).

Please try and get them back to me by 7 February 2020 – or before.