These are the artists who have very kindly offered to create and donate a work of art. Let you name swell the ranks! Join in today!

If you would like a piece of paper/reply envelope please send your name and address to

When you send back your contribution your picture will be scanned and added to the site, and your name will go on the list.

John Talman
John Middlecombe
Mick Smee
Jill Raeburn Wilson
John Harvey
David Wills
Susan Roberts
Abbie Cairns
Lorraine Presland
Maxine Fitter
Mandy Dearsley
Nat Young
Felicity Young
Jenny Brinson
Heidi Love
Sylvia Paul
Patti Machell
Barbara Morrison
Lori Jay Donaldson
Janet Fryer
Gill Butler
Vivienne Smith

Nicola Smee
Jacqueline Taber
Jenny Spillane
Susan Briaris
Rachel Plink
Bob Davison
Jill van Looy
Andrea Farmer
Nick Andrews
Sarah Milne
F.M. Harvey
Alison Chapman
Daphne Sandham
Vikki Walsh
James Weaver
Maggi Hambling
Kathy Norris
Sally Fox
Rebecca Moss Guyver
Annabel Lufti
Sue Simpson