The Collingwood collage

What happens to art that hasn’t sold?

Well, until now it has been stored it carefully. But when the Collingwood Centre opened there was a large wall outside in the corridor linking the main hospital with Gainsborough Wing, A large and empty wall. A space where a large work of art about 7 ft by 4 ft would look good.

There were (and still are) a number of ‘old’ Secret Art Sale works for sale in the Minories but with some of the others left, a large collage has been made, and has recently been installed.  It is perhaps more of a patchwork – the pictures were cut into business card size and glued down to make the collage. But paintings can still be identified. All the artists who have contributed to the Secret Art Sale since its inception are named on the notice beside it. It has certainly cheered up an empty space.